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Your cervix plays a seriously powerful role in your experience of sensation.  So powerful, in fact, that a cervical orgasm is known as an AWAKENING in Tantra.  You might also call that intense experience an orgasm. 🙂

Just think of your orgasm as a pool of light inside of your body, and your cervix as the key to accessing the depths of that pool.  It’s this interesting connection that the cervix has with deep, relaxed, and emotional orgasm that makes it a uniquely erotic spot inside of the body—a literal gateway for pleasure, healing, and transformation.  

Your cervix is deeply connected to the soul of your sexuality as a woman, and the vehicle of choice your sexy spirit selects for travel is emotion.  And the fuel for your sensual journey?  A touch of fearlessness in expressing that emotion.

For some women, accessing deep sensation in this way can feel dangerous. Fear of the unknown—what could happen—often stops a woman from allowing her body to open up and receive next-level pleasure sensation.

Your cervix responds with contraction to thoughts of fear, powerlessness, and experiences that create trauma.  When your juicy cervix contracts on a regular basis it becomes bloodless, armored, numb and it feels like sensation is totally inaccessible there.  So for many women, the cervix can feel painful and unresponsive to pleasure.

There is a marked link between a painful cervix and sexual anxiety.  Anxiety and cervix energy work against one another.  Because your cervix wants you to express and tune into what’s happening inside of your body, connecting to life through your internal journey.

Sexual anxiety requires you to see outside of yourself, connecting to yourself through an external perspective.  So when it comes to anything fear-based, or anything that takes pleasure outside of your body, your cervix retreats.

The Cervix Superpower

Your cervix plays with sexual energy in a more refined way, and so the cervix’s expression of orgasm feels a little more refined, too.  Backed by the superpower of fearless receptivity, your cervical orgasm feels much deeper inside of your body, and has a greater overall effect on how you express and experience your sexuality.

To feel your connection to greater sensation through your cervix, you have to deeply connect to emotion, because your cervix is an emotional connection more than anything.  

To access this deep pleasure … YOU MUST GO DEEP.  

The superpower of your cervix urges you to embrace your wild woman … to let your hair down, be a little bit crazy, and fuck everyone else and what they think about you.  Because when you connect to the deep, juicy, incredibly powerful cervical orgasm … what they think doesn’t matter AT ALL.  Only sensation matters.

When you embody the superpower of your cervix, you activate an ability to be seen and heard as a totally unique (and power-full) individual: A WARRIOR PRINCESS.

When you’re willing to be wild, free, messy, ugly, beautiful, crazy … emotionally EXPRESSIVE without limitations (or expectations), your cervix responds in kind.

If you are fearful, withholding, judging, or holding on to trauma … your cervix will also respond in kind.

Fearless receptivity is a powerful, highly potent medicine for pleasure, especially when it comes to women.  Women are incredible givers, doers, nurturers … but across the board, most women have issues receiving pleasure.  

But when you master receptivity through your cervix, when you learn to connect with your body and relax with your breath, you open yourself up to receive not just pleasure, but energy, power, abundance, love, and clarity, too.  Talk about a SUPERPOWER!

The Science Behind Your Cervix

Obviously, we think the cervix is a pretty magical place in your body.  But there are some impressive neurological and physiological processes that your cervix is also a part of.  

Cervix means neck in Latin, and this is because your cervix looks like a long neck leading up to your uterus.  A live nerve ending protrudes on the upper outer part of the end of this neck, making your cervix highly sensitive.  When you touch your cervix, it can feel like two puckered lips, or sometimes it feels like the tip of a nose.

Your cervix changes in texture and position throughout your menstrual cycle. “If you start paying attention to these patterns,” writes Natalia Hailes for MindBodyGreen, “and getting familiar with how your cervix moves throughout your cycle, you might be able to avoid pain during penetration and increase your pleasure!”

Your cervix might also feel juicy and soft, and that’s because she produces fluid every day—up to 600 mg of cervical mucus during ovulation!

This fluid provides a safe environment for sperm to travel during fertilization and is made up of water, enzymes, and electrolytes.  When a woman is pregnant, her cervix produces fluid that forms a mucus “plug.” This stays in the birth canal, acting as a protective seal until the early stages of childbirth.

Your cervix is also wired directly to the path of your orgasm, right along the vagus nerve, which is part of your autonomic nervous system and one of the longest nerves in the body. The vagus nerve is highly connected to the pleasure experience in your body, and it acts as a kind of conduit for sensation, sending information directly to your brain.  

ANOTHER NERDY FACT: Vagus is Latin for “wandering.”  The wandering vagus nerve is long, but it bypasses your spinal cord.  Researchers used this to understand female orgasm, and found that when women with spinal cord injuries stimulated their vagus nerve, they still experienced orgasm.  

When you experience imbalance from sexual anxiety or loss of desire, your body will be in a contracted, “fight or flight” state because of stress hormones like cortisol.  Stimulation of the cervix can often be painful when you’re in this state and cortisol is around; many women might feel a lack of sensation or numbness.

But this is actually what makes the cervix so powerful!  When you start a sensual practice, you’ll start to “WAKE UP” sensation in your cervix.  And an activated cervix means you’ll start to produce more cervical mucus, will find deeper arousal and orgasms, and have access to more sensation and pleasure than you thought possible.

The cervix really does play a huge role in your sexuality.  Especially in your orgasm! When the gate of your cervix is open to the energy of your orgasm, sensation will move out of its localized area and into the fullness of your body.  This is when you begin to experience full body orgasm.

Cervix FAQ’s

Want to learn more about your SUPERPOWERful cervix? Here are a few common questions that might help you explore.

How do I find my cervix?

The cervix sits just under your uterus, and you can find her by inserting your middle finger into your vagina while you lie on your back. Gently push your finger all the way back, as far as it can go, until it pushes against a little wall.  That wall is the beginning of your cervix, and it’s actually an opening, like a little mouth, that leads to a neck of tissue that goes deeper into your womb.

The shape, location, and feel of your cervix are all influenced by hormones and brain chemicals, so it changes quite often, especially during your monthly cycle.  

Why can’t I “feel” my cervix?

Your cervix is internal, and if you’ve experienced stress or trauma in your life, you might find it difficult to connect deeply enough to yourself to feel anything. Numbness is also a sensation, however, and by creating awareness around your cervix, you’ll start to experience other types of sensation when you go through a regular sensual practice.

What kind of stimulation does the cervix like?

The cervix = deep sensation.  But stimulation can also bring up deep emotion, so take things slow.

You’ll need something long to reach your cervix, and I recommend a glass or crystal wand to clients (NO silicon!).  You’ll need to be in a relaxed state, and should gently stimulate the cervix with your toy, staying aware of any sensations that come up.  Let yourself experience whatever feelings bubble to the surface, be patient with your sensation. You’ll learn to trust yourself and will grow stronger in your practice, the more often you do it.  

Sex Rx

Practice makes perfect, and when you start to bring cervical awareness and stimulation into your sensual practice, you’ll see how POWERFUL this part of your body really is, capable of helping with imbalances like pelvic armoring and sexual anxiety.  Here are a few practices you might experiment with:

  • Sensual Practice
  • Cervical Stimulation
  • Pelvic Pump